asparagus come lately


I had hoped that this second installment of The Sprout Diaries would herald my triumphant acquisition of farm-fresh Michigan asparagus, but alas, it seems the uncharacteristically cold spring has kept the vegetable in hibernation longer than usual. In Michigan, the asparagus harvest season typically begins in late April or early May, and extends until early June. This year, however, a long winter and chilly spring has kept those asparagine-rich spears tucked safely underground. According to an employee at Bos Greenhouse and Farms in Grand Rapids, it will be another couple of weeks before Michiganders’ plates are graced by local asparagus.

As proof of my well-intentioned, though fruitless, attempt to purchase local asparagus, here are a couple of photos of Bos Greenhouse’s current asparagus supply, in its entirety.

Not quite enough for the recipes I have in store, but stay tuned!

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  1. Kathy VW says:

    I have never liked asparagus, although I have heard it called “the king of vegetables.” It’s just so “stalky” looking, and my mother never served it. I almost tasted it when my Greek friend Diane served it in a little bundle “tied” up with a strand of pimento. Claire, I might be enticed to try asparagus again with one of your lovely pictures and recipes.

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