radish & cucumber sandwiches with gingery cream cheese

At last! Michigan is settling into springtime, and I know your social calendar is filling up with garden parties. (I’ve actually never been to a garden party, but I love the image these two words invoke: parasols, tea cups, strolls among the rose bushes, etc.) If you are one of the lucky ones with a garden party in your future (or even if you’re not), this recipe could be the perfect treat to impress your fancy friends. Read on!

radish & cucumber sandwiches with gingery cream cheese

1 bunch of radishes, washed and trimmed of leaves
1 cucumber
1 bunch fresh chives
8 ounces cream cheese
1 scant tablespoon fresh ginger, grated
1 (soft) baguette
a sprinkling of dill 

First, we jazz up the cream cheese. This step is much easier if the cream cheese is somewhat soft, so try to bring it to room temperature. Grate your ginger; chop your chives. Enjoy the delicious smells of both. In a medium size bowl, combine cream cheese, chives, and ginger. Mix well.

Slice the radishes and the cucumber into thin coins. Set aside.

Slice the baguette. Brush the slices with a bit of olive oil and toast for a moment in the broiler.

And now: assemble! For each open-faced sandwich, spread a generous layer of the gingery cream cheese, then top with a couple coins each of radish and cucumber.

Because these little guys are so aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to arrange them tastefully on a platter when serving. Consider garnishing with a bunch of grapes. As a finishing touch, sprinkle with dried dill. How classy!

One a recent weekend home, I spent a lovely (and unseasonably warm) afternoon on our back patio with family and friends-so-close-they’re-family. This platter of radish and cucumber sandwiches served as a fresh and springy centerpiece to our fresh and springy conversation. As expected, the hint of ginger in the cream cheese won special praise from those in attendance. Note: a glass of white wine nicely complemented the crunch.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alison Watt says:

    Cute friends and family! And a mouth-watering take on an old english classic -cucumber sandwiches reinvented – how grand! Now if I can just remember this when we pick up our farm share with the excess of radishes in season…..

  2. Amy Piersma says:

    No garden parties in my future, yet I’m compelled to make these. Yum.

  3. granna2c says:

    I made these little sandwiches just to try out the radishes….a vegetable I have never been drawn to…because you have yet to steer me wrong, Claire. And, sure enough, they were delicious! 🙂 Try them on a baguette with a sea salt crust. The salt enhances the flavors perfectly.

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