brie & cucumber baguette

An explanation for my absence is in order, and thankfully I’ve got a good one. The thing is, I’ve moved to the Mediterranean.

To be exact, I’ve moved, temporarily, to the island of Corsica. My reason for flying halfway around the world (and just as Michigan enters its best season, too) is, at one level, to work as an English assistant teacher in a high school in the capital city of Ajaccio. At another level, the move was motivated by a long-held desire to confidently speak French. But at yet another level, this being the deepest and truest level, I’ve made up my mind to move to Corsica to get my hands on its food.

Corsican cuisine is associated with a number of key words, such as hazelnuts, cheese, wild boar, cured meats, hearty soups, good wine, and cheese (it really must be listed twice). With France to the north and Italy to the east and its own homegrown culinary traditions, Corsica really has a lot going for it on the food front. And I intend to explore its cuisine scene with gusto.

Because I only just arrived yesterday, I don’t have too much to share quite yet other than some shots of an incredible market I came across while getting oriented around the city. Take note of the plethora of cheese and cured meats (and cheese!).

My arrival in Corsica was predicated by a three-week visit to Paris, where I quickly and happily picked up a few local eating customs. I could (and mostly did) survive on bread and cheese picnics beside the Seine, washed down occasionally with a swig of cheap Bordeaux.  It was with utmost delight that I discovered that France’s influence on Corsica includes the practice of establishing boulangeries on nearly every street corner, so I can easily continue my daily habit of buying a fresh baguette here on the island. It’s with pride that I present to you my perfected baguette sandwich for you to try at home. And I warn you: not every lunch can transport you to Paris (or Corsica) quite like this.

brie & cucumber baguette

1 fresh baguette
a few thin wedges of brie
half a cucumber, thinly sliced
black pepper

Cut the baguette in half and simply assemble, layering brie then cucumber then a sprinkling of pepper. Take a bite. Do you hear an accordion gently playing “La Vie en Rose”? I wouldn’t be surprised if you do. Bon appetit!

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  1. granna2c says:

    I would LOVE to visit those markets and not leave until I have sampled everything! 🙂 Thanks for the pictures and for giving us ‘taste’ of Corsica and Paris. Aunt Teresa

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