a simple snack

There’s a distinct pleasure that comes from walking home in the rain (with an umbrella) while cradling a freshly baked baguette. Corsica has been soggy as of late, so I’ve made an extra effort this past week to stop by la boulangerie and pick up a loaf to escort me home. Maybe it’s the mingling of the warm, wholesome bread scent with the cold, loamy rain-on-dirt scent that makes me wish those drizzling, bread-burdened strolls would never end. Or maybe it’s the temporary discomfort of being in the rain coupled with the awareness that very soon I’ll be warm and dry and tearing into a still-steaming baguette tradition. Or maybe there’s no logical reason, and I’m just strangely into rain and bread.

(Fun fact: the smell of rain has a name. It’s petrichor.)


In any case, I’ve discovered yet another sensual delight to pair with baguette as often as possible (even when it’s sunny): figs and chevre. These three ingredients together combine into some kind of miracle — a soft but chewy, sweet but tangy, sticky but creamy taste sensation. The name of this post is “a simple snack,” but if we’re being honest, I could eat enough of this to safely constitute a feast.

This snack is way too easy to necessitate a recipe. Simply spread some chevre (goat cheese) on a thick, crusty slice of baguette and top with one or two halves of fig. I like to drizzle a little extra fig syrup over everything, just to make it that much more delicious (and that much more difficult to eat in a ladylike manner).


The inspiration for this palate pleaser came from one of the high school students I tutor in English. For Christmas, he gave me a jar of Charles Antona’s figues entières confites en sirop, a truly Corsican product that could be tricky to find in the States (but worth the search). He recommended the chevre pairing, and I wouldn’t dare suggest anything else. Happy snacking!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan K Fields says:

    I like this: “the mingling of the warm, wholesome bread scent with the cold, loamy rain-on-dirt scent”

  2. Jax says:

    That sounds like heaven. Tres yummy.

  3. Peggy Lewis says:

    Claire My Dear, Am I replying to you? Just to let you know I am all about a baguette with yummy cheese and figs. Maybe your mom and I will go on a hunt for these very special figs? Tuck a rich memory from each day away. . . this is an experience you will want to remember and tell your grandchildren. Peggy

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